Our Vision

‘We Live as Witnesses of Jesus Christ: Committed to the Gospel, Church, Bible and World.’

(Acts 1:8 & 4:8-31)


Our Strategy

Committed to the Gospel

We keep the Gospel central to our church. God’s costly love for us is our motivation for living, worship, and service. We also strive to make Sunday a special day, when we gather with strong expectancy, preparing well to celebrate God’s costly love for us. We want to make everyone feel at home, reflecting God’s generous welcome to us.

Committed to the Church

The church is part of the family of God, and belonging to it is indispensable. We encourage everyone in building up their faith and to become actively involved in the church. We gather every first Saturday of the month for joined prayer, where we ask for God’s guidance, wisdom and strength. Because of the new life in Christ, we all have great potential; we envision for every believer to become a committed disciple and every disciple a servant of Christ.

Committed to the Bible

The Bible is God’s inspired Word, equipping us to know, love and serve God more. We therefore keep the Bible at the heart of our home and church activities. We listen humbly and carefully to the Bible and, in dependence on the Spirit, we allow the Bible to guide our understanding and action.

We encourage all leaders to be part of the WISL (Word International School of Leadership), which aims to equip potential leaders to interpret, teach and apply the Bible rightly.

Committed to the World

We aim to equip people for effective witness in their ‘front line’, whether it be their workplace, university or college, through preaching, teaching in WISL and Bible study material. We also aim to engage with our local community and other local charities and we continue to support our ministry work to the seamen.

We also recognise the importance of investing in our young people, preparing them to be Christ’s witnesses for their generation through prayer, mentoring, leadership and training.